MoveOn Ready to Attack 'Right-Wing' Dems

All Democrats are not created equal, according to

The liberal political action organization has plans to attack members of the Democratic Party when they don’t uphold the "highest values" of the party. But before it gets involved in any nasty Democratic primaries, MoveOn wants to have the OK from its base.

That would mean "grappling with specific right-wing Democrats who consistently side with big corporations and right-wing Republicans" by actively supporting progressive challengers in the primaries, according to an e-mail sent out Tuesday to MoveOn supporters.

The e-mail requests feedback from supporters so the organization can gage whether they have the support needed to enact such a strategy.

In promoting replacement candidates, MoveOn promises to only endorse those approved by its supporters with a viable chance of winning.

Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas is named specifically as a potential target of the organization’s new agenda.

"[Cuellar] is wrong on many core Democratic issues like the war and Medicare," says the e-mail. "He often undermines key Democratic initiatives and too often pokes progressives in the eye with his votes and statements. We would start with the worst like Cuellar and work to build a progressive majority one election at a time."

Calls for comment from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee went unanswered.