Inmates May Take Over Asylum

Harvard University’s president, Lawrence H. Summers, is trouble again with his faculty according to the New York Times.

The latest conflict involves William C. Kirby, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science and a professor of Chinese history. An announcement was made late last month that Professor Kirby would step down in the summer. And, although Mr. Kirby claims the decision to give-up his post was reached "mutually" with President Summers, other faculty members say they view it as a "forced resignation" according to the NYT article.

"Professors are now demanding a significant role in the selection of a new dean, a decision that is ordinarily the province of the president and the six other members of Harvard’s governing board. Mr. Summers has already agreed to give the faculty a bigger role than it has played previously, but some professors have begun calling for his removal from the process altogether," writes the Times.

Talk about letting the inmates run the asylum! Harvard’s faculty members — most of whom are outspoken radical leftists — should be kept as far away as possible from influencing any appointment within the school’s administration. Why should Harvard’s president and governing board change the policy now — because a bunch of liberal instructors are upset?

Granted, I know there are a few decent, respectable and qualified professors within the crimson walls, but the majority of Harvard’s faculty members — with their ideological agendas taking center stage — have only proven they are incapable of making the proper decisions when it comes to education. If they do get a say in the process, does anyone really think they’ll support a conservative candidate? No!

But, should Harvard’s administration allow its faculty to play a role in selecting a new dean, the situation would present a great opportunity to show liberalism in action. Who is more under-represented, under-appreciated and most likely hiding under a desk at Harvard than a true conservative? In the spirit of welcoming diversity, Harvard’s staff should endorse a right-winger to be the next dean. Right?