Is Chivalry Dead?

Ladies. Does your husband or boyfriend open the car door for you? Does he pull out your chair and seat you at a restaurant before seating himself? Do men even give up their seats on public transportation for women anymore? It’s a shame, but in this modern era of equal rights between the sexes, it appears that chivalry is dead.

I wonder if this is the resulting fallout from our greed for too many material things, the kind of greed that necessitates two wage earners in the family, putting husbands and wives on the same economic playing field, or did the radical feminists of the ’60s strike the first blow against chivalry?

I suspect that the lack of chivalry demonstrated by modern men towards women is a result of both instances. I hope, however, that good and decent men will take the time to reflect on how they treat their wives, their mothers, their sisters, and all the women who enter their lives, and make the kind of overtures that might reawaken a practice of respect for women that has seemingly disappeared.

Am I making much ado about nothing? I don’t think so, but when contemporary women claim that they have the exclusive right to decide whether their unborn children live or die, with no additional input from their husbands, I know that something’s gone terribly wrong with the relationship between today’s men and women.

And that’s going to take a lot more than chivalry to resolve.