CPAC '06: Minorities Come Out in Force

At the 33rd annual Conservative Political Action Conference, it appeared the conservative movement was stronger than ever. Despite some disappointments with the current Republican Congress, the movement is still a powerful force for freedom, traditional values, and economic prosperity.

Yet a different movement was sensed at this year’s CPAC. Minority groups of all stripes, including the disabled, racial and ethnic minorities and even liberals are conducting a reevaluation of their preconceived notions of which side of the political aisle provides them the most benefit and really shares their goals.

However surprising this trend may seem, groups that are historically considered a Democratic stronghold are in the process of a reevaluation on the order of Descartes’ Meditations on First Philosophy. Minority groups are starting to realize that the Democratic Party does nothing to advance or improve the lives of racial minorities or people with special needs such as myself; as a matter of fact, I have Cerebral Palsy. Since the 1800s, the Democratic Party has made no effort to hide their interests in disrupting the social progress of minority groups.

As late as 2003, the Democrat’s senior member, Sen. Robert “KKK” Byrd used the N word on national television. Sen. Barack Obama’s betrayal of Sen. John McCain on the issue of lobbyist reform is the most recent example that there exists an orchestrated effort by white Democrats to keep blacks enslaved to the party that, had they gotten their way in 1964, would have killed the Civil Rights Act. In fact, that filibuster was led by one of Jesse Jackson’s best friend, Sen. Byrd.

Rarely do you hear that Dr. Martin Luther King was a lifelong Republican, or that African-American Rep. Maxine Waters vehemently opposed a 1990s resolution that would have allowed poor minorities to own their government-subsidized housing unit for the same monthly payment they were paying the government, asking “Who would fix the roof if it leaked?”

While Democrats claim to be the party of the poor, it appears they think that only those who can afford to hire a repairman at $35 an hour should own their own homes. Note to Ms. Waters: most homeowners in Middle America rely on themselves and their neighbors for help with such repairs; it’s called “Do-it-Yourself” and homeowners insurance.

Many African-Americans were present at this year’s CPAC to dispel the myth that the black community would still be riding in the back of the bus if it weren’t for those precious Democrats who have managed to keep the black community fatherless and impoverished through welfare programs that do nothing but perpetuate the shameful state of the black community.

According to statistics, out-of-wedlock births in 1960 among blacks was 22%; today its stands at 70%. An 1880 Philadelphia study of family structure shows that 75% of black families were nuclear families; today, 56% of black woman ages 15-44 have never been married. One could probably find studies that the literacy rate among blacks was higher in the 1950s than it is today. Quite simply, the way the welfare system is set up encourages out-of-wedlock births and single-parenthood. It is our national disgrace.

Additionally, the very fact that the liberal left supports eminent domain in less than wealthy communities for “economic redevelopment” should be a red flag not only to the black community, but to Middle America as a whole. The predominantly black community of Riviera Beach, Fla., which has been condemned as “blighted” and “crime-infested” by the liberal media, is in fact a gorgeous community where anyone would want to live. Footage of the community and interviews with its residents prove that the peaceful community is comprised of proud individuals who maintain beautiful, brightly-painted homes. Isn’t it funny how the facts always get in the way of the “news”? While these people may not be millionaires, and may not own a mansion, they have the same rights as the Kennedy family does.

Perhaps instead of pushing for more money and more programs that yield no results, liberals and their “conservative Republican” allies should stop earmarking funds for $500,000 gay and lesbian cultural centers, indoor rain forests in Iowa, and $200 million bridges to nowhere.

That money should be going to school vouchers for inner-city children, programs that help impoverished citizens buy homes, and drug rehabs. It is time liberals stopped hindering minority progress and perpetuating poverty. It is time the nation pulled its head out of the sand and rejected liberalism once and for all. We must confront problems with policies that actually address crime, poverty, and absentee fathers, rather than continue to throw money at programs that abate them.