Buttering 'em Up

How many A’s are within Harvard? A lot!

United Press International (UPI) reports some professors at Harvard University are concerned about making little progress to address grade inflation.
An annual report has found that grades at Harvard are at an all-time high.

Dean Benedict Gross has sent out a letter to professors saying "grade compression continues to be a concern," the Boston Globe reported Sunday.
Some say individual professors have little incentive to give lower grades, and some say the students are better caliber and deserve the grades they’re getting.
Don’t be fooled.

Grade inflation is a problem because it promotes concepts like income re-distribution, affirmative action, the welfare state and political correctness.
The best statement concerning grade inflation that I’ve found through my research comes from Paul Copperman.

"Grade inflation penalizes the superior, the talented, and the hard working and rewards the mediocre, incompetent, and lazy….It teaches America’s brightest young people that there is no particular merit attached to hard work. It is a measure of the deterioration of our institutions of higher education."