Limbaugh on Obama, Kornheiser on Football, Va. Sen. on Scotch

The Philadelphia Daily News reports Rush Limbaugh is comparing Barak Obama to Donovan McNabb:

"I kind of like that analogy that he is the Donovan McNabb of the U.S. Senate," Limbaugh enthused, adding, "in the sense that he is being propped up… because they want to see him do well."

…By now, you’ve heard Tony Kornheiser will be joining the Monday Night Football team.  Radley Balco and I seem agree Tony Kornheiser’s local radio show is top-notch:

"For sports reporter/commentator, sports only makes up about 40 percent of the guy’s shtick. It’s also about 30 percent literate rock n’ roll history, 20 percent current events and culture, and 10 percent aging-male-JAP-diva caterwaul. And the latter isn’t nearly as annoying as it sounds."

…Lastly, here’s an interesting and honest exchange reported in the Frederick News Post, between Maryland Delegate Galen Clagett and State Senator Alex Mooney about "dry" parts of Frederick County, MD:

"’Most delegation members were unaware of parts of the county where alcohol beverages licenses cannot be sold.’

‘Is that a bad thing?’ Sen. Alex Mooney asked.

‘It depends on whether you drink scotch or not,’ Mr. Clagett replied. ‘If you’re me, that’s not good.’"