Katie Couric: Backdrop in Jill Carroll Capture Tape 'Kind of Pretty'

An excerpt from a post from Mark Finkelstein over at NewsBusters:

Perhaps inspired by the discovery of new species in New Guinea, Katie Couric has claimed a discovery of her own: a new breed of terrorists that are "not as vicious."

She interviewed NBC reporter Richard Engel on this morning’s Today show in the wake of the release of a new videotape of Jill Carroll, the US journalist kidnapped in Iraq last month. The tape showed a composed Carroll speaking with before a floral backdrop.

Couric, ever the fashion maven, declared "it’s actually kind of a pretty setting." Perhaps she can pick up some matching shoes while in ‘Torino’. Engel explained that the captors appear to be sending the message that they are looking to negotiate.

Meanwhile, CNN’s "American Morning" crew continue to refer to the terrorists holding Carroll as merely "insurgents." I’m sure the same labeling issue exists elsewhere as well, but I haven’t reviewed the other morning shows for today.