Your Papers are Not in Order

A favorite trick of the angry left is to suggest Republicans routinely deny liberals entry into the United States. If the person is not a practicing terrorist, it must be because he would spill the beans about our voting machines. Or maybe he once sold short 100 shares of Halliburton.

Today’s example is provided by Kos over at Daily Kos, who writes:

French critic of Mosanto and genetically modified crops is denied entry into U.S. Apparently critics of Big Business are now considered terrorists as well.

Turns out his critic of Big Business is none other than Jose Bove, who has smuggled Roquefort into the United States, destroyed hybrid crops and vandalized a McDonald’s restaurant. (The cheese alone argues for immediate deportation.) I’m only surprised he didn’t claim Bove was, um, denied entry for being a sheep farmer, which he was at one time. And the Administration knows all about them.