'Progressive' Professor: 'Get This Party Started'

Yesterday’s Roll Call featured an article about Matthew Kerbel, a college professor, who has written a primer to help "progressives" craft a message and an effective strategy. (Hat tip to Mr. Tosi for the FYI) …

This "progressive" primer is called, "Get this Party Started," and includes essays from 13 "progressive" thinkers. For example, linguist George Lakoff’s essay teaches "progressives" how to talk…

"While conservatives rally around ‘strong defense, free markets, lower taxes, smaller government and family values’ progressive taxonomy, he believes, should include such words as ‘stronger America, broad prosperity, better future, effective government and mutual responsibility."

As Roll Call points out, "one would be hard-pressed to find a Republican who would disagree with any of the progressive terminology" — and that’s just the point — to create language that "sounds" good.

The book also devotes an entire chapter by former Clinton speechwriter David Kusnet to the subject of "Teaching Progressives How To ‘Speak American.’"

Let me be the first to point out the obvious: It is humorous that "progressives" need to read a book in order to learn to speak "American."

President Bush’s use of "everyday words, short sentences, (and) simple statements of right and wrong that suggest he is decent and decisive … Many people doze off while we drone on…"

So let me get this straight:

"Progressives have spent years making fun of Bush’s public speaking style. Now, they want to emulate it???

The book does make one point that I agree with, and quite frankly, does concern me:

"Being in the opposition gives us the time and luxury to rethink some of our … tactics and ideas, "he continues. But ‘at the state and local level’ progressives are already seeing ‘tremendous progress. … The national level is always kind of a lagging indicator.’"

Time will tell if these Lefty’s will get it right. In the meantime, we will do our part to Teach Elephants to Talk!