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‘Conservative’ Blogger Sides with Islam

And another depressing instance of moral equivalence. The self-described conservative, Andrew Sullivan, unleashes some uncompromising dununciations of Islamic fanaticism connected to the Mohammed cartoon contretemps, and he also righteously condemns the appeasers on the wrong side of this issue (who include, unfortunately, our own State Department).

And then Sullivan coughs up this:

What is it about contemporary Islam that seems to make it clearly incompatible with Western freedom of speech? In that may lie the answer to the most pressing question facing the West today: the illiberal, fanatical religious enemy within.

Those familiar with Sullivan’s emotional rants against American "Christianists" will recognize that Sullivan’s "religious enemy within" referes primarily to them.

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Jack Langer, Ph.D., is an editor for Regnery Publishing (a HUMAN EVENTS' sister company) and a freelance journalist. He can be reached at

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