The Flynnfiles, Amanda Carpenter and the Super Bowl

Here are some random musings on this balmy Friday morning …

Writing from Europe, Dan Flynn criticizes Bush’s SOTU: "Ronald Reagan called government the problem, not the solution. George W. Bush believes government (is) the solution, not the problem." Let me preface this by saying Flynnfiles is one of my favorite blogs. But here’s a point to ponder about the new media:

Does the whole: "it’s one thing to criticize the president when you’re in America — it’s another thing to do so from a foreign land," rule apply to bloggers???

I can’t wait to meet Amanda Carpenter. (If you read Right Angle, you might assume we all know each other…that we pal around together and watch Seinfeld reruns, etc., not so). This spunky young lady has moxie.  From infiltrating liberal meetings to bashing famous conservative writers, she says the things that others think, but do not say. Whether it results in encomium or animadversion, remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure: It’s an interesting read!

2008 presidential hopefuls have descended on Detroit. "It’s great that the Super Bowl is in Detroit. This should cheer up the folks in the Detroit area with all these job losses," Allen said. (Hey, I lost my job, but at least we got this game…).