Watch Out: MoveOn.Org Has 'Big, New Plan'

The left-winged organization MoveOn.Org has decided to use the "lies and inaccuracies of the president’s speech last night" to their "advantage" by insisting their supporters donate $100 each by Thursday at midnight to help Democrats take over Congress in the November 2006 elections.

Below is an excerpt from their fundraising campaign:

2006 Plan for Victory

"We’ve got a big, new plan to change control of Congress in November and stop the Bush agenda once and for all. But we need to start now and it will take people and money to make it happen. Our goal is to raise $250,000 before tomorrow at midnight. Will you contribute?"

What could this "big, new plan" be? It kind of reminds me of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi last night, insisting "there’s a better way" to handle the War in Iraq but never offering a real solution. If the Democrats have all these amazing plans and solutions to solve the world’s problems — why aren’t they sharing them?