Earmark Reform Inspires McCain-Shadegg Bond

Sen. John McCain announced his endorsement of fellow Arizonan Rep. John Shadegg for House majority leader today. The endorsement comes at a critical time as House elections are tomorrow.

During a press conference McCain admitted he and Shadegg don’t agree on everything but said on the issue of Congressional reform, they are definitely on the same page. "And besides," the senator added jokingly, "I intend to train the boy."

After 11 years in Congress, Shadegg probably doesn’t need much training. He’s already seen the damage earmarks can do.

"At the heart of both the Cunningham and Abramoff scandal you will discover earmarks," Shadegg said. "Bringing sunshine and openness to our earmark process should be our first priority. Powerful members of Congress should never be able to slip provisions into ills in the dead of night to benefit their cronies or special interests."

At the top of the Congressman’s five-point platform is earmark reform, something he and McCain said is necessary to "fully regain the faith of the American people."

McCain made it clear he isn’t trying to overstep his boundaries by showing support and making calls, but said he thinks Shadegg is the best candidate for making changes needed in the House that he wants to see made in the Senate.

Also present at the press conference was Rep. Charlie Bass (R.-N.H.), one of the few moderates publicly backing Shadegg.

"I think it’s a great moment for John Shadegg to get Senator McCain’s endorsement because it leaves no doubt about which one of these candidates for majority leader will really turn a page in the chapter of reform in this Congress."