What it Means to Be 'Conservative'

Sometimes we might forget that being a Conservative means more than holding high the values of God, country, and family. It’s also about fiscal responsibility.
And yet, liberals continue to expect the government to be an all-knowing, all-pleasing provider, unwilling to let the resourcefulness of churches, private charities, or even ourselves to step in when needed. Just remember the finger-pointing among local and state officials in Louisiana after Hurrican Katrina and their unrealistic dependence on a inept federal agency to bail them out.
Our economy is booming, jobs are increasing, the stock market pushing higher, but the chants of rolling back tax breaks and the expansion of "give-a-way" social programs continue. It’s time for less dependency on government programs and the reiteration of one of our country’s Founding Fathers, Ben Franklin, who wisely noted that "God helps those who help themselves."