Let's Go RINO Hunting

Judge Sam Alito was confirmed today.  He now becomes JUSTICE Sam Alito and soon will bring some additional constitutional sanity to the Supreme Court.  The vote was, I believe, 58-42.  But there was one vote in there that conservatives should REALLY be outraged over.

Sen. Lincoln Chafee, Rhode Island Republican, voted…NO.

This is simply an unforgivable vote by a Republican senator.  Sam Alito clearly had superior credentials for a seat on the Supreme Court.  There is no acceptable reason whatsoever for Chafee to vote against Alito’s nomination.  None whatsoever.

Chafee is running for re-election this year.  He is being challenged by a highly credible Republican candidate in the primary.  Steve Laffey is currently the Cranston mayor and has run a campaign based on fiscal restraint.  He published a regular item on his campaign website titled, "The Taxpayer Rip-off of the Week."  Washington, DC, would be a target-rich environment for a pork-buster like Steve Laffey.

Any fiscal conservative anywhere in the country who would like to see the RINO King, Lincoln Chafee, sent packing should take a long hard look at sending some dough-re-mi to Steve Laffey.

The MAJOR problem here, though, is that the National Republican Senatorial Committee is backing incumbent Chafee all the way.  Indeed, they’ve already spent a TON of money on negative ads attacking Laffey on behalf of Sen. Chafee.  Not that there weren’t PLENTY of reasons already for the NRSC to NOT be wasting conservative GOP donations on Chafee, but if he gets one dime of further assistance now, after his vote on Alito, someone at the NRSC should be tarred-and feathered.

Here’s where you can tell the NRSC how you feel about Republican money going to support RINO Lincoln Chafee against fiscal conservative Steve Laffey, especially after Chafee’s vote on Sam Alito.

You can send ’em an email to

Or call them — and I HIGHLY recommend giving them a call — at (202) 675-6000.  I just spoke with "Nick" there, who assured me the NRSC was going to continue supporting Chafee, even after his Alito vote.  I told Nick to expect your calls.