King: U.S. Must Find New Supply of Domestic Energy

The following is Rep. Steve King’s (R.-Iowa) reaction to President Bush’s State of the Union address:

"I hope this sets the stage for Washington politicians to move beyond party lines, hateful rhetoric and spiteful politics. It’s important for us, as Americans, to trust our leaders and know that our voice is being heard and our ideas implemented. We must now look forward to make America as strong as it can be. Our economy is stronger now than it was during the 1990s; we are entering our fifth straight year of economic expansion, and incomes have grown over 7% just in the past few years. This year we can expect to see an economic climate with even more growth, new jobs and contained inflation.
“Even so, there are some major areas of concern that are on my mind and the minds of Iowans. It’s important to chart our course now, because these decisions affect Americans for generations. We must preempt and defeat terrorists who hate Americans because of who we are and what we stand for. We have the major task of rebuilding the Gulf Coast, and we must decrease our dependence on foreign oil for our own economic and national security.
“Although there are those in our country that want to see us fail in the War on Terror, every single mission we’ve set out to do in Iraq has been successful. They have a new democracy, a new Constitution, the Iraqis are taking control of their own security, and the American troops will come home when their mission is completed. Four and a half years ago, the terrorists showed us that we can no longer subscribe to the idea that we’re protected by the oceans. If we allow the rhetoric to stand in our way of full completion of helping Iraq achieve their own independence, this war will be fought in our own schools, churches and stores.
“I will continue to carry the message to Congress that Iowans won’t stand for skyrocketing gas and oil prices. Our dependence on foreign oil has grown out of an increasing demand in energy coupled with a static supply. The only way we will take control of our own energy security is by finding new domestic supplies and increasing our use of renewable energy that we’ve been producing here for years." 


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