Inhofe Applauds Bush's Energy Initiatives

Here are Sen. Jim Inhofe’s (R.-Okla.) comments on the State of the Union address:

“President Bush articulated a strong plan for ensuring affordable and reliable energy while improving the nation’s energy security. The investments the President called for in expanding the use of cellulosic ethanol and further developing clean coal technology will help shed our dependence on foreign sources of fuel and keep energy prices stable and more affordable by maintaining a reliance on our abundant supply of coal.  I am also pleased with the President’s call for more investments in nuclear power.  Last year, we were able to accomplish a great deal to facilitate the construction of more nuclear power plants with provisions our committee incorporated into the Energy Bill.

“I call on my colleagues across the aisle to consider the President’s plan, and end their obstruction of sensible legislation such as our Gas PRICE Act that will help alleviate high gas prices and promote the use of clean transportation fuels.”