Cornyn on Immigration: Take the Comprehensive Approach

“The President clearly outlined his vision for the country in the coming year, leading us on a path that will unite the American people, make us stronger, more secure and more competitive. America will continue to lead.”
War on Terror / Iraq

“It’s critical that we remain vigilant in fighting an enemy that wants to kill innocent Americans, as they did on 9/11. We must continue the progress we’re making in Iraq and Afghanistan to bring democracy and peace to those important regions of the world. The President was right in his call to stay engaged around the world and protect Americans here at home.”
Competitiveness in Global Economy

“The President’s plan to increase America’s competitiveness in a global economy translates into jobs here at home. It’s important to focus education on more training in math and science. If we remain competitive in these areas, we will be able to compete with the technology and services of anyone in the world.”
Border Security / Immigration Reform

“I’m encouraged that the President continues to push not just for bolstering border security, but for a comprehensive approach to a key aspect of our national security—and that is comprehensive reform of our broken immigration system. Border security is one of the most urgent issues facing Texas and our nation today. The bill I’ve introduced strengthens our border enforcement and comprehensively reforms our immigration system. We need both stronger enforcement and reasonable reform of our immigration laws.”
Energy Independence

“Our continued dependence on foreign energy is a national security problem, and it directly affects the Texas economy. Energy security affects our farmers and ranchers in terms of their costs, and it affects our competitiveness in other important industries. So we must work to decrease our dependence on foreign sources of energy to protect jobs in Texas and protect people here at home.”
Improving Health Care

“I applaud the President’s message on health care and the need to reform our system to provide greater access for more Americans. In particular when it comes to reforming the way the federal government regulates and taxes care, to make it more portable, to provide more choice and more consumer-oriented decision making when it comes to meeting health care needs and costs.”
NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program

“We must continue to use every available, legal tool to prevent terrorist attacks here at home. It is clear to me that based upon the same authority claimed by presidents on both sides of the aisle that the President has operated well within his legal authority to perform this sort of limited early warning system to prevent against future terrorist attacks. I don’t think it’s any accident that America has been saved from additional terrorist attacks since September 11. Unfortunately, we know terrorists have exploited the opportunities to attack in other parts of the world and we can be assured that they will continue to attack America if given the chance and if we let our guard down.”
Patriot Act

“The Patriot Act is responsible for giving law enforcement and intelligence agencies the ability to share information and literally use the information to pre-empt terrorist attacks. I support the reauthorization of the Patriot Act because not only does it make us safer, but it really does no more than give our intelligence officials the same authority to investigate terrorists.”