Far Left Wants U.S. to Be Defenseless

There is a madness in today’s liberal thinking.  It insists on policies that tie our hands to defend ourselves while giving free reign to the jihadists intent on killing us.  It is dangerous because it is becoming the thinking, and law, of the land, as well as the Western world.

Never before in history has a country and civilization made it impossible to defend itself from its enemies. Never before in history have the elites running a society done as much to cause national suicide.  

It didn’t start yesterday. When the modern war of Jihad began decades ago, the liberal world told Israel it could not fire into terrorist camps because a few Moslem “innocents” might be killed.  This despite the fact that Islamic women and children were purposely placed in terrorist camps by fellow Arabs so as to cause this precise predicament.  When later, methods were devised to kill simply the terrorists, the liberal world found a way to condemn such procedures as “inhumane.”  

Consequently, the Israelis devised a precision method of assassinating terrorist leaders only.  One would have thought that a solution had arrived. Yet, again, the Europeans and American Left found this unacceptable.  Basically, Israel was told that it had no right to defend itself even if such defense was pinpointed against the terrorist leader who had sent death squads upon innocent Israelis.

At the time, people thought it was only Israel whose self-defense was being hampered. However, many of the so-called “moral” limitations placed originally on Israel became battlefield precedents for the West’s later war on terrorism: harmful precedents, precedents designed to weaken us, as they have.

The EU and their liberal cohorts here in America now say that instead of assassination, the terrorist heads should be brought to trial. Oh yes, if found guilty, the Europeans tell us, terrorist leaders cannot be put to death because capital punishment is inhumane.

Worse, imprisoned guilty terrorists are traded away by frightened European governments in exchange for the latest European held hostage by shrewd jihadists. Witness, Germany.  Effectively, then, the convicted terrorist simply bides his time, knowing his time in jail is limited.

However, due to new EU “understandings” of the law, promoted by liberals here in America, terrorists will probably never even be found guilty.  Why? Because torture, they say, is forbidden. If a terrorist can prove that he was tortured, the case against him will be thrown out. Lawyers here in the U.S. defending terrorist “clients” have begun making such assertions in Court.

Harsh measures during interrogation are now, also, forbidden.  If the eager ACLU attorney for the terrorist can cite harsh conditions, the evidence will be discarded. The suicidal Left is daily ratcheting up the legal requirements to prosecute jihadists. They are disallowing any and all means to defend ourselves.

The upshot: each time we failed, at that moment, to vigorously challenge the liberal reactions and assertions over events, we later found ourselves bound by newly established precedents — bad, hand-tying precedents. Instead of fighting their assertions head on, we concede their “legal and moral” point and duck for cover. It seems our primary goal is to eschew hand-to-hand verbal combat. We’ve abandoned important long term principles of war for short term insulation from Leftist harangue.

We are now told that information showing how a terrorist planned and did commit a crime is often inadmissible. For example, if information was found by the President of the United States issuing a wire tap of the terrorist’s phone.  If one has to choose between the newly manufactured “rights” of terrorist killers versus the Constitutional duty of the President to defend Americans, the Left will always choose the “right” of the terrorist to kill without punishment. Why be concerned with the defense of Americans when deep down, as a Leftist, you don’t identify as an American, anyway?

Basically, the Left, i.e., the enemies of America living within America, have made it impossible to fight jihadism.  We can’t kill the enemy, we can’t spy on the enemy, we can’t interrogate the enemy, we can’t find the enemy guilty.  The terrorist in the eyes of the liberal is more sacred than the President of the United States. To many on the Left, the terrorists are not the real enemy!

In effect, liberalism has tied us up so — emotionally, legally, political correctly — that we are now defenseless: made so not by the enemy but by ourselves, self-induced.   This is madness. We will be murdered by outsiders because those within are opting for suicide. Our military and domestic police strength is meaningless if tied up in legalisms forbidding its use.

As to the enemy, he can do what he wants, and cannot be criticized for it.  The European Union and certain judges in Australia and England have already declared it illegal to write opinion pieces or draw cartoons critical of elements of Islam.  What are those elements that were criticized? “Honor killing” of women, where fathers and brothers kill daughters and sisters suspected of sexual impropriety; beheadings of those critical of Islam; vaginal mutilation of young women.

The simple revelation in public forums of these facets of Islamic life were deemed to be “hate speech,” “hate writing”. An enemy that cannot be criticized is an enemy that does not exist. Evidently, he is not an enemy and what he does is not objectionable. If the enemy does not exist, no war can be waged against him.  If no war can be waged against him, there can never be victory.

Why the West allows itself to be guided by people who have a hate and guilt for their own culture yet an adoration of those wishing to destroy our culture, is a question historians will ask.  Why did the yet-sane among us allow ourselves, and that which we love, to be destroyed by those among us with a psychological disorder? Why are we allowing these warped elitists to determine our future? We seem to be more afraid of the bark of the Left than we are of the sword of Islam.

My fantasy: Let all liberals live in an exclusive region of the country under their own guidelines. No surveillance of Al Quaida phones, no Patriot Act, no investigations worth salt of terrorists. Basically, open borders and “non-racist” immigration laws. Everything bilingual. Let this region live by every sanctimonious wish and law of the ACLU. No R.O.T.C. No heavy handed police, FBI, CIA, NSA. Let their President forever be that great warrior and defender Bill Clinton. May every facet of their defense be determined by the schmaltzy editorial board of the New York Times.

Let the rest of we common sense/conservatives live in a separate region. I’m willing to live by the consequences of our beliefs, those of the pages of HUMAN EVENTS. Let liberals in their region reap what they sow.

Want to bet who’ll be safer?