Left's 'Agenda' Gets Little Traction

Despite all the problems facing President Bush and the leaders of the Republican Party, liberals continue to have difficulty getting traction with their agenda. Perhaps this is because it consists largely of saying little more than “Bush is to blame.” Nothing was more pathetic and farcical during the confirmation hearings of Judge Samuel Alito than the sight of aging liberal lions of the Senate misrepresenting the judge’s writings. They only embarrassed themselves and showed how beholden they were to radical special-interest groups.

Does this portend yet another ineffective effort by liberals in the 2006 congressional elections? Perhaps. It depends in part upon how well conservatives respond to the challenges ahead. One thing is certain, however: Liberals will never concede defeat. Politics is their religion, and they are not going to abandon anti-Americanism or their embrace of the culture of death.

Nothing makes this clearer than their relentless attacks on President Bush’s leadership in the wake of 9/11 — whatever Bush proposes, they oppose. . . regardless. Politics no longer ends at the water’s edge. Despite terrorist attacks from New York to Bali to Madrid to London, the media here and in Europe still howl in outrage when Bush, unlike his predecessor, does not sit and do nothing.

Ordinary people do not trust liberals with national security. One reason may be their inability to see the threat of evil for what it is and, worse still, their willingness to ignore it for political advantage. Witness the elite’s chorus of protest when The New York Times made its treasonous revelation of the administration’s “spying” on Americans. This is how they couched attempts to protect Americans by eavesdropping on the conversations of terrorists abroad with their supporters in this country — even though House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and others had been briefed about this program from the outset and had heretofore not objected.

Many Americans are flocking to conservative talk radio, Web sites and Fox News for hardheaded, honest realism. CNN has been thrashing around looking for new ways to repackage its threadbare liberal propaganda. But with its monopoly broken, it is now clearly second choice for more and more of its former audience.

The same can be said of the major newspapers, which have shrinking circulation numbers day-in and day-out.

Liberals are in disarray in the political arena, where they must openly compete. But they are still firmly entrenched in the legacy media, public education, church hierarchies, the government bureaucracy and in the judiciary, where they hold forth defiantly amid growing public revolt.

They have long gravitated to those sectors that can be subverted to their ends — “choice” has become their euphemism for “death.” The hidden horrors of the abortion plague have been graphically transmitted to the public over the Internet, courtesy of partial-birth abortion. This barbaric procedure stands in such awful contrast to sonograms and astonishing intrauterine photographs of babies sucking their thumbs.

Liberals prosper in the short-run. They have prospered through foundation and government grants, union dues and levies on contributions to churches of mainstream denominations. In the long-run, however, their wrong-headed policies eventually cripple the very organizations they control. We see this today from the corruption-plagued United Nations to the Democratic Party, which is captive to unions, leftist celebrities, pro-abortion feminists, the gay and lesbian lobby, and assorted billionaire radicals like George Soros.

However, conservatism has overtaken them in the last 25 years. Increasingly the public’s common sense has convinced them that it is dangerous to let liberals lead a society. Still, the Utopian idealism of liberals still appeals — more emotionally than logically — to certain sectors (particularly the young and those who see themselves as victims). The focus is almost always on the external, on the problems we “encounter,” almost never on the problems we “create.” Witness the explosive growth of the welfare state, which had to be curbed in 1996 by time-limiting welfare benefits, or the continuing plight of American education held hostage by the education bureaucracy.

If conservatives are to continue to prevail in the battle to restore respect for life and a love of country, we must root out the evil that has sprung up in our own ranks — the only appropriate response. We cannot hope to convince the public to support us if we don’t clean house of those who have abused their trust. We need not fear honesty. They will not desert us if we are humble and contrite. Doing so willstand in sharp contrast to the captivity of Kennedy, Leahy, Feinstein, Reid and company to the pro-abortion, anti-American left.