'Death Row' Blogger Gets Publicity from Post

The other day I pointed out that an infamous sex offender is blogging in Idaho…from prison. Well, today, the Washington Post has an article about a "death row" blogger.  

In truth, the Post admits this fellow doesn’t exactly have a lot of readers. Of course, this begs the question: "What do I have to do to get the Post to cover my blog? Kill somebody!?"  

Okay, I’m being sarcastic.  But it does seem the Post is giving this fellow undeserved attention, here.  (And the fact that they link to his blog, is in especially poor taste).  

Granted, I’ve taken the bait, too. I’m talking about his blog, and maybe that means I am an enabler. However, I’m not mentioning his name — or linking to his blog. Furthermore, the purpose of this blog is not to “enlighten” folks about this poor blogger, it is to educate folks that this is going on, and to condemn the practice.

Thoughts –

Should murderers and sex offenders be allowed to become "famous," or "infamous" by putting out music, doing artwork, or even blogging? Couldn’t a blog be used to further humiliate and torture their victims — form prison? And might not a blog someday be used by an inmate to communicate "signals" and/or instructions to others on the outside?

In my opinion, you give up your blogging privileges when you go to jail. This phenomenon is very troubling. I predict we have not heard the end of this debate…