Allen Dares Kerry on Filibuster: 'Make My Day'

Sen. John Kerry’s (D.-Mass.) threat to filibuster Samuel Alito’s confirmation today has one Republican senator boastfully daring Kerry to take the unprecedented step of blocking a Supreme Court nominee with the parliamentary tactic.

Sen. George Allen (R.-Va.), who like Kerry is frequently mentioned as presidential candidate in 2008, ripped his Democratic colleague for making the suggestion—from Davos, Switzerland, nonetheless.

“Well, hearing this news today, Senator Kerry must be feeling lucky because he wants to make my day. If Senate Democrats follow his advice, then I say we must pull the trigger on the Constitutional option. Senators should vote on this nomination and not hide behind partisan political processes to deny this exemplary nominee the fairness of a vote. Senators can vote ‘yes’ or vote ‘no’, but it is our responsibility to vote,” said Allen.

“I understand Senator Kerry is in Davos, Switzerland. He shouldn’t be wasting taxpayer’s hard-earned money on long distance phone charges calling for such obstruction. I was hopeful that this nomination process would be of a civil nature. I doubt that all the Democrat Senators will follow Sen. Kerry’s long-distance advice.”