Pro-Choice Is a Lie: Babies Never Choose to Die

The 33rd annual March for Life was a smashing success. Apart from crazed feminists angrily waving coat hangers at Catholic priests and shouting, "Bigots go home," as thousands of students from across the country marched down Constitution Avenue, holding posters depicting sonogram images of pre-born humans, the event was perhaps the most moving event one has ever seen.

Monday’s demonstration, largely comprised of students of all races and religions, as well as men and women, old and young, clergy of all denominations, and children, testified to the fact that Eleanor Smeal, former president of the extremist group Feminist Majority, is now head of the Feminist Minority. Despite the fact that pro-lifers overwhelmed the few members of the Death Squad, every news outlet but Fox failed to feature the actual marchers as the news story.

The parade was led by roughly 200 women carrying signs that said "I regret my abortion," and "Abortion hurt me." As these women walked by the Death Squad that had assembled to support the disembowelment of babies, the crazed feminists screamed that the remorseful women that they "should really see a psychiatrist about that," and that it was "too bad, you made the choice." I can tell the crazed feminists comprising the Death Squad are God-fearing, compassionate people. Oh wait, that was Father Bob, the compassionate man who led my group from the Catholic University of America in the march.

Needless to say, the masses of young people that marched on Washington in support of women, life, and some radical notion called responsibility are probably giving Eleanor Smeal hot flashes. But then again, men don’t have them, so Eleanor, as a rule, doesn’t either. The nation has undeniably shifted to the pro-life side of the issue as medicine and science have advanced and improved. Any biologist will now testify that life begins at conception. Most physicians, with the exception of those who work for Planned Parenthood, will tell you that the heart begins beating three weeks after conception, which is before most people even know they are pregnant. But it doesn’t matter. To the feminist, pro-choice minority, only people who can speak and think are human. So, according to them, all of us are crying, babbling flesh blobs for the first 18 months of our postnatal lives. In any event, don’t go deer hunting; that’s inhumane.

And yet the feminist minority and the mainstream press will go to any length to continue to justify abortion. These are some of my favorites:

  • The pregnancy is not convenient, so the child will not be loved
  • Daddy had to finish law school
  • Men and women have the right to make love with no consequences
  • The baby will never have the finer things in life
  • I’m a man (ok, I made this one up)

These excuses are arrogant attempts to define what kind of life is worth living.

I’m sorry, but I doubt people would choose to have a disability, and yet they don’t kick the bucket. Hillary enacts legislation to let Mommy and Daddy do that for them. In fact, when Sen. Rick Santorum presented the Senate with photos of the typical baby needlessly killed by partial-birth abortion, or in politically correct terms, a "late-term procedure," Sen. Hillary Clinton asked Santorum why the depicted baby didn’t have cleft palate, which is far from being an incurable problem. Unless people can be born into perfect situations, be beautiful, and go yachting on Martha’s Vineyard with Hillary and Uncle Bill, well then life isn’t worth it because they’re going die anyway of spina bifida. With that ridiculous logic, we all might as well hang ourselves this evening, seeing as we all die at some point.

The simple fact of the matter is that a life is a life. No matter what one’s circumstances are or will be, abortion is never okay. When the framers of the Constitution wrote that each of us is endowed with certain inalienable rights, which include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, there were no exceptions made for disabled children, poor children, or children whose mother didn’t have a college degree. The truth is, as Father Bob and my college buddies chanted at the March, pro-choice is a lie. Babies never choose to die.