Graham Master Flash

The biggest political winner to come out of the Alito confirmation hearings may just be Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

Let me be frank: until about a month ago, I couldn’t stand him. I liked him about as much as Teddy Kennedy. But his recent championing of Judge Alito has been nothing short of spectacular. Heck, I’ve even found myself cheering him on.

I think most of us were genuinely moved when his kind words and defense of Judge Alito brought Mrs. Alito to tears. And then yesterday, he really impressed me by daring the Democrats to make a campaign issue out of this confirmation.

We can only hope Graham’s warning will resonate with Red State Democrats who portray themselves as moderates (when they are back home in their district), but vote like liberal Teddy Kennedy in Washington.

Red State Democrats need to know we are watching how they vote. And thanks to Senator Graham, that message has been delivered.

Note to Red State Democrats: This vote is your defining moment. Are you a moderate independent Democrat, or are you a Teddy Kennedy liberal? Your confirmation vote will answer that question once and for all. Choose carefully. Actions have consequences.

Here’s a hat tip to Senator Graham for his new found moxie. This is his best month ever.