Conservatives Deserve Credit for Alito

It’s too early to gloat, but with speculation mounting that Judge Samuel Alito will be confirmed by the Senate, it’s appropriate to reflect on how this nominee was appointed, in the first place:

Conservative bloggers, pundits, and activists stopped the Harriet Meirs nomination. Should Judge Alito go on to be confirmed by the Senate, much of the credit will rightfully belong to the conservative movement.

This story has been under-reported, but it is truly an historic accomplishment. Twenty years ago, before the advent of alternative media, this simply would not have been fathomable. Conservatives have long had the passion to change America, but now, to paraphrase an old TV show, "We have the technology!"

As you may recall, at the time, some Bush loyalists criticized us for opposing Meirs. There was even speculation that we were "sexist." In truth, we did the President a huge favor by saving him the embarrassment of a disastrous confirmation hearing.

The American people have also been well served by our activism. The system worked. We participated in democracy by exercising our free speech, and as a result, the American people have a better qualified nominee. Not bad for a day’s work.

Speaking of work — we’ve still got work to do. As Yoggi Berra said, "It ain’t over till it’s over." Let’s get going!


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