Say It Ain't Gonna Be a 'No,' Joe

It comes as little surprise that Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd, one of the most liberal members of his party, has come out against Samuel Alito. What’s surprising is that it’s taking Dodd’s colleague, Sen. Joe Lieberman, who is taking so much time to make up his mind.

Sen. Bill Nelson’s (D.-Fla.) decision earlier today to oppose Alito indicates that red-state Democrats facing tough re-election fights aren’t afraid of turning off their moderate constituents by appealing to left-wing interest groups — with the exception of Sen. Ben Nelson (D.-Neb.), no relation to Bill.

But the one person who should least worry about the left is Lieberman, one of the Bush Administration’s biggest supporters on Iraq and someone frequently rumored to be next in life as secretary of Defense.

So, Joe, say it ain’t gonna be a "no."