The "Dean Scream Plunge": All the Dems Are Doing It

Lately, we’ve heard a chorus of mudslinging from leading Democrats. First you have Hillary’s "plantation" quip, then Nagin’s "chocolate city" and now, Reid’s downright dirty attacks comparing the GOP to the mafia.

But, after sending a mass email to friends saying "Quite frankly, having Republicans trying to clean up the mess in Washington would be like asking Jonh Gotti to clean up organized crime" Reid’s staff distributed a 27-page document that singled out fellow senators.

He’s sorry now, though he says. Promise.

According to the Washington Post, the report "reached back into GOP Sen. George Allen’s days as Virginia governor to note that he once ‘kept a noose and a confederate flag in his office and home’ (a controversy dating from the 1993 campaign) and in 1994 called the federal government a ‘beast of tyranny and oppression….accused Sen. James M. Inhofe (R-Okla.) of saying "global warming is a conspiracy and a hoax’ among other things.

Now he claims to regret the charges he made and told reporters he "went too far."

But, the charges are still out there. He got the press and the scandalous quotes he wanted reporters to print in circulation. I don’t believe for a minute this wasn’t planned.

At least, Nagin’s speech is somewhat understandable in the sense that it’s believable the guy is just cracking up. His city was destroyed, he abandoned his people and well, he’s just going to put that responsibility on God. I mean, it wasn’t his fault. (And, you can only make chocolate with the vanilla. Right. Totally believable).

But maybe this is just what happens. I wonder if Reid in a few years, after more Democrats have taken the "Dean Scream Plunge" letting their frustrations loose in an unplanned rant, microphone in hand, will be doing the same thing. 

He’s already doing it on paper.