Reagan Changed America and World

Ronald Reagan ran for President to change America. In the end, he changed the world.

Today, on the 25th Anniversary of his Inauguration, we should remember his legacy and remind ourselves that what brings Republicans together is far stronger than what pulls us apart. When we are the party of ideas, we win because our ideas are better. As Republicans, we believe in a smaller, more efficient federal government, returning power to the states, lower taxes, and individual freedom.

None of these beliefs is shared by our Democrat colleagues, who continue to rely on old-fashioned, big government solutions to every problem. They believe that regulation and expanded federal power are the answer to every question, and that higher taxes are the way to pay for it. Their idea of America’s future is the sort of socialist statism that has failed in many parts of the world.

Ronald Reagan knew that America is different. We can and should be the shining city on a hill – a beacon of hope and freedom. That vision inspired a generation of Republicans; we should honor him by continuing to make sure his ideals are our ideals.