Offensive Anti-Alito Ad Disrespects Justice Thomas

An offensive anti-Alito and pro-gay marriage ad hidden behind a campaign professing opposition to religious bigotry was put out by the National Black Justice Coalition today. The ad poses the question "Offense Before God?" above a photo of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas with his wife, Virginia.

Text found below the photo reads as follows:

Before 1967, laws would not allow Clarence Thomas, a black man, to marry his wife Virginia, a white woman. Opponents of interracial marriage cited the Bible to justify this discrimination.

In 2006, laws do not allow two men or two women to marry each other. Opponents of same-sex marriage cite the Bible to justify this discrimination.

In bold print the ad follows up by exclaiming: "Using Religion To Justify Discrimination Is The Real Offense Before God."

It then rambles on to proclaim its hidden message, comparing Justice Thomas to Judge Alito, hinting that his confirmation would "turn back the clock" and that stopping him would help "protect minorities."

The ad displays perfectly the way NBJC "protects minorities" in its blatant disrespect for Justice Thomas.

Attempting to justify the ad, NBJC Executive Director H. Alexander Robinson released a statement on the NBJC web site: "We see this as a teachable moment when we can draw on the lessons of history to help us avoid some of the pitfalls of the past."