Letters for Alito

The Traditional Values Coalition and Focus on the Family Action announced earlier today they had each collected more than 3,000 letters supporting Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito. Both groups plan to ship the documents to Alito and his wife.

“The response has been amazing,” said Andrea Lafferty, executive director of Traditional Values Coalition. “We sent out an email encouraging people to write a note to Judge and Mrs. Alito and within an hour we had over 400 letters. They just kept coming in and this morning, I had the honor of personally delivering over 1,700 of them to the White House.”

Focus on the Family Action’s package also contains more than 1,700 notes of encouragement from the group’s constituents.

"Some of these messages are only a few words long, some are several paragraphs, but all of them recognize the dignity Judge Alito displayed during his time before the Committee," said Stuart Shepard, managing editor of Focus Action’s CitizenLink. "Most of our readers were appalled at the bullying Judge Alito was forced to endure at the hands of senators like Ted Kennedy and Charles Schumer and wanted him to know they appreciated his professionalism and class under such trying circumstances."