Democrats Attack to Distract

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  • 08/20/2022

While America begins a new year, Democrats refuse to turn over a new leaf. Democrats are stuck in the same negative attack mode they have been in for years, and Americans are sick of it.
The idea that Senator Reid would attack other senators for taking Abramoff-related donations is laughable. He’s among the top recipients of these funds in Congress, and still refuses to return or donate the money. And now he is using his taxpayer funded office to put out what amounts to campaign attacks. Senator Reid should clean up his own act before lecturing the rest of Congress on ethics.
Democrats shamefully tried to smear the solid reputations of men like Judge Roberts and Judge Alito, and Americans were rightfully appalled.  Now they are trying similar personal attacks against senators, but this new smear campaign will also fail.
Democrats look like a bunch of rodeo clowns creating distractions. They are hoping that Americans don’t notice their lack of ideas or solutions for today’s challenges. It’s been months since they promised to unveil a real legislative agenda, yet we still have heard nothing.
The truth is that the Democrats have no agenda. They have no solutions or ideas to solve the problems our nation faces. However, Republicans have a bold agenda to secure America’s future. We made important progress in 2005, and we will build on that success in 2006. We will fight to secure America’s energy independence, maintain a strong economy, create more new jobs, and improve American’s healthcare.
I’ve heard Democrats say, “We can do better.”  I agree, Democrats should do better. But at every turn, they choose partisan politics over serious legislative reform. While Democrats play games, Republicans will continue to prove why we are the party of ideas.


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