China's Rural Unrest

China has been roiled by rural unrest for some time now. Unfortunately, due partly to the limited means of communication in the countryside, it’s very difficult for rural uprisings to metastasize into something more serious that can threaten a regime with large security forces like China’s. These uprisings in China almost always stem from specific local grievances and rarely spread to adjacent areas.

The violent police suppression of the latest rural unrest resulted in one death and up to 60 injuries. You really have to admire the utter disregard for the truth displayed by the Chinese regime, whose lies are so bald-faced that they achieve a kind of cosmic purity. While villagers report that one of their own was killed in the police attack on their village, the police claim that the victim had died of a heart attack. This seems a wee-bit improbable, considering the victim was a thirteen-year-old girl.

This reminds me of Saddam Hussein’s government, which pronounced the death of Palestinian terrorist Abu Nidal to be a suicide after Nidal was found with two bullets in his head.