Specter Garners More Praise

From Manuel Miranda, chairman of the Third Branch Conference:

The Third Branch Conference applauds Chairman Specter’s decision to keep Democrats to their word and go forward with the Tuesday meeting of the Judiciary Committee to consider the nomination of Judge Sam Alito.  Democrats promised to abide by a schedule that would have the Alito nomination on the Senate floor this coming week in return for January hearings.  Now Democrats are reneging on their promise."  
"The leaders of the 200 organizations that make up the Third Branch Conference are focused not just on Democrats, but also on Republican senators.  We expect Republican senators to support the Chairman and be present on Tuesday," said Manuel Miranda, chairman of the TBC.
"Republican senators must stand by the Chairman.  They must be present on Tuesday or they should return their pay check for this week.  The number one rule of nominations is that any delay harms a nominee, if not this nominee’s certain confirmation," Miranda said