Frist Says Democrats' Delay Shows Desperation

Majority Leader Bill Frist (R.-Tenn.) this evening decried the decision of Democrats to postpone Samuel Alito’s Judiciary Committee vote by one week. With the chance of derailing Alito’s confirmation slipping from their grasp, Democrats have resorted to a procedural tactic.

Here’s what Frist had to say:

"The Democrats’ decision to delay Tuesday’s Judiciary Committee vote on Judge Alito is unjustified and desperate partisan obstructionism.  After answering 700 questions for over 18 hours before the Committee last week and enduring relentless personal attacks, Judge Alito deserves better.   

"He has the exceptional qualifications, judicial temperament and integrity that America expects in a Supreme Court justice.  Despite these tactics, Judge Alito remains on track to be confirmed as Justice Alito.  A Justice delayed will not be a Justice denied.  

"As I stated last week, as soon as the Judiciary Committee reports the nomination, the full Senate will begin debate on Judge Alito the next day and move swiftly to a fair up-or-down vote."


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