Taxpayer Rip-Off of the Week: $250,000 Goes to New York Ski Resort

In yet another taxpayer rip-off, Washington strikes again.

First it was snowmobile trails in Vermont paid for by the people’s tax dollars; now, it’s ski resorts in New York.

According to Citizens Against Government Waste, stuffed into the fiscal 2005 appropriations bill for Veterans Affairs and Housing and Urban Development is $250,000 of taxpayer dollars headed to the Warren County Economic Development Corporation in North Creek, N.Y., for “facilities construction of the North Creek Ski Bowl,” which, according to a press release from Gov. George Pataki, “…opened in the early 1930s and was one of the first commercial ski areas in the country.”

Pataki also pointed out in that release that the project would enable skiers to travel between two locations thus making the region more competitive with Vermont.

While I am a great fan of winter activities, I am not a fan of taking hard earned tax dollars from people all over the country and using it to make one small region more competitive and helping private businesses make more money.

This is just another example of the twisted thinking in Washington. Furthermore, economic development projects like the North Creek Ski Bowl are the responsibility of local counties and municipalities.

The use of federal taxpayer dollars for projects that have no economic benefit for the vast majority of Americans is a gross misuse of those dollars. The North Creek Ski Bowl is just anther example of our representatives in Congress passing our pork favors to each other at the expense of the taxpayers.