William Rusher: Kennedy Strikes Out With Alito

I just posted a column by William Rusher, the former publisher of National Review, who the subject of Sen. Teddy Kennedy’s questioning of Samuel Alito.

Here’s an excerpt:

"When I retired as publisher of National Review in 1988, I sent all my office files to the Library of Congress. It had requested them, as part of its archive of 20th century political manuscripts. I guess they thought students of conservatism might find them useful someday.

"Among them were my files on Concerned Alumni of Princeton (CAP), a group I had helped found in 1972 to protest Princeton’s steady drift toward being what a fellow alumnus, my old National Review colleague James Burnham, sadly called "just another liberal joint." Our two chief concerns were its deliberate debasing of its admission standards to meet self-imposed racial and ethnic quotas (the policy that later became famous as "affirmative action," and which the Supreme Court recently ruled unconstitutional if adopted by public universities), and its decision to throw the ROTC right off the campus."

Click here to read the column.