Human Events Endorses John Shadegg

Yesterday, HUMAN EVENTS encouraged Rep. John Shadegg (R.-Ariz.) to get into the race for House majority leader. And now that Shadegg is in the race, there is no question he is the conservative candidate for the job.

In the last five years, the Republican Party has drifted from its commitment to limited government. During this time, the two biggest mistakes Republicans in the House made were to approve the No Child Left Behind education law and the Medicare prescription drug entitlement. Both increased federal spending and federal power, reducing the autonomy of states and individuals.

Representatives John Boehner (R.-Ohio) and Roy Blunt (R.-Mo.) voted for both. Shadegg opposed both. That ought to settle the issue.

Making Boehner or Blunt majority leader likely will bring more of the same in the Republican congressional leadership.

By contrast, in a letter to his Republican colleagues announcing his candidacy for leader, Rep. Shadegg said, “The party of Reagan exists not to expand government, but to protect the American people from government’s excess.”

The editors of HUMAN EVENTS say, Bravo! We encourage conservatives to support John Shadegg for House majority leader.