Out-of-Touch Kennedy Lives in '80s

Ted Kennedy’s continued shenanigans during the Alito confirmation hearings have shown him to be an old man who is out-of-touch with the reality that his once virile party is impotent.

I’ve seen this phenomenon before, and it’s never pretty. 

If you grew up in a small town (as I did), then you’ve seen them before: The fellows with the mullets and black heavy-metal tee-shirts who once ruled the local mall. 

Yeah, these guys were once cool.  In the 1980s, their long, flowing hair and Bon-Jovi patched jean-jackets once ruled MTV, the malls – and the halls of your school (and mine).

Trouble is; as times changed, some of these guys didn’t.  They were still sporting the long hair well into the late ’90s (some still are).  Some of them opted for a mullet haircut (business up front and party in the back). 

I remember hanging out once with a guy from my high school.  He was proudly wearing a Varsity jacket, and talking about the two touchdowns he scored back in ‘87.  Trouble is, it was 1994 – and he hadn’t been in high school for five years.

You know, it’s sad when people just can’t move on and give up their glory days.  It’s sad when they think they are cool, but everybody else in the world knows they are woefully out-of-touch.

It reminds me of Teddy Kennedy.  See, the 1980s weren’t just a time for long hair and blue-jean jackets.  While mullets ruled the mall, Democrats ruled the House.  They controlled the debate – and used their influence, numbers, and power to “Bork” Bork.

I feel sorry for Teddy Kennedy.  If everybody in America didn’t know he was an out-of-touch before the Alito hearings, they certainly do now.  … To paraphrase a currently popular rock song the “kids” are listening to, “he’s still preoccupied with 1985.”