Kennedy's Witch Hunt Runs Out of Steam

A Republican operative just reported to me:

"We are hearing today that Dems are trying to find a way to delay a Judiciary Committee vote.  While this ‘Kennedy Witch Hunt’ strategy reared its head a bit last week, it steamed out.  Not sure why they need more time after three days of testimony and Judge Alito fielding questions from every which way.  Not to mention if they felt they needed more time, why spend so much time asking the SAME questions time and again on abortion, CAP, Vanguard, etc."

He also provided a breakdown by subject area of the 546 questions asked of Alito as of yesterday. Here’s the list:

Concerned Alumni of Princeton: 49
Vanguard/Ethics: 49
Abortion: 101
Commerce Clause, Federalism, Congressional Power: 42
Executive Power: 94
National Security/Wiretapping: 20
Criminal Procedure/4th Amendment: 11
Religion: 16
Habeas/Death Penalty: 15
Race: 23
Reapportionment: 6
Gener: 7
Judicial Philosophy/Role of Courts: 71
Disability: 6
Plaintiffs’ and Consumers’ Rights: 8
Other: 28