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CWA: Awesome Alito Gets an A+

It comes as little surprise that Concerned Women for America is backing Samuel Alito. Still, Jan LaRue and Wendy West make some excellent points.

Here’s are their comments:

Jan LaRue, CWA’s chief counsel: “If ever there’s a pictorial dictionary, under ‘judge,’ it should simply display a photo of Samuel Alito. I knew he is brilliant and possessed a deep knowledge of constitutional law, but he’s left me with a greater appreciation of that and his numerous outstanding qualities. If anyone ever questioned the meaning of judicial temperament, they’ve seen him display it in the midst of baseless attacks on his record and character.  Political commentators on the right and left concur that despite the left’s relentless attempts to sink his nomination, they haven’t laid a glove on him.

“He has conducted himself with dignity and honor, confirming his strong character.  Led by Senators Kennedy, Feinstein, Durbin and Schumer, liberals have failed miserably in their attempt to discredit this outstanding nominee. If anything, they only proved that Alito has nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of, and everything to be admired for.”  

Wendy Wright, CWA’s executive vice president: "Judge Alito lived up to?¢â??¬-and beyond?¢â??¬-his outstanding reputation. His intellect and knowledge of the law were on display for all to see, and his judicial temperament placed him above despicable accusations. Senators would only be living up to their duty when they vote for him; any vote against squarely places a senator in opposition to judges who are intelligent, fair, unbiased, and beholden to the law and justice instead of special-interest demands."

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