Cornyn Says Democrats 'Baseless Attacks' Have Failed

As Democrats wrap up their questioning today , Sen. John Cornyn (R.-Tex.) predicted that Samuel Alito would win Senate confirmation.

Here’s Cornyn’s statement:

“It’s now clear that the unfounded attacks on Judge Alito had about as much traction as bald tires on an icy road. Despite efforts by hard-left groups and their allies in the Senate, these hearings have made clear that the attacks were baseless, and another example of the Crying Wolf Syndrome we’ve seen in previous hearings—with similar results.

“I believe that I, and other members of the committee, have fully carried out our constitutional duty in examining this nominee’s record and many qualifications for the Court. He has been forthcoming and thorough in his responses to hundreds of questions.

“The truth is, after days of hearings, hundreds of questions and a review of 15 years of his experience on the federal bench, it is clear to me that Judge Alito should be confirmed to serve on the United States Supreme Court. And he will be confirmed.”