The 'Witness' Who Just Won't Go Away

Sen. John Cornyn’s (R.-Tex.) office just offered this take on Stephen Dujack’s op-ed in today’s Los Angeles Times:

"Here’s a tip: When you’ve been called by the Democrats to appear as a witness for the purpose of attacking Judge Alito, but have quietly had your name withdrawn because of radical things you’ve written, P.R. 101 suggests that you don’t write an op-ed in one of the nation’s largest newspapers repeating the radical things that got you kicked off of the witness list in the first place. But that hasn’t stopped Stephen Dujack—who was originally on the Democrats’ list of witnesses but was withdrawn after it was learned he equated eating a bucket of chicken with abetting the Holocaust—from reminding Americans of the type of attackers Senate Democrats planned to display at the hearings. Today’s op-ed is another clue in the mystery of why Committee Democrats won’t allow him to testify."