'Mainstream' Is Defined at the Ballot Box

There’s a Rolling Stone-style irony about what liberal groups are demanding of Judge Sam Alito. While they may not get what they want — they will get what we need.

What do they purport to want? “Mainstream.” The coalition of groups against Alito objects to him on the grounds that America needs a “mainstream nominee.” What they are of course really asking for — among other things — is someone who will uphold Roe v. Wade and keep abortion law as is — no restrictions whatsoever. Senate Judiciary Democrats have already made it clear in their opening statements that supporting Roe is a “mainstream” must-have. Senator Durbin says Alito’s abortion track record “raises troubling questions.” Senator Kennedy is “genuinely troubled” over it. Senator Feinstein sees trouble on the way also, already threatening to filibuster if the judge fails to proclaim his fidelity to Roe.

Clearly, with Judge Alito, they are not getting what they want.

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