Left-Wing Groups Frustrated, Demand Action

Leonard Leo, president of the Federalist Society, just visited Bloggers’ Row to report on the efforts of left-wing interest groups last night and this morning.

In short: Liberals are scrambling to come up with anything to throw at Alito.

Strategy sessions last night and today with the Sierra Club, Alliance for Justice and People For the American way have focused on tactics Judiciary Committee Democrats can narrow their attacks on Alito and gain some traction against him, Leo said.

He said conservative activists should direct their efforts at Sen. Patrick Leahy (Vt.), who is the ranking Democrat on the committee. Leahy this morning alluded to his desire to drag the hearings on longer to give Democrats more time

Leahy’s office can be reached at: (202) 224-4242 or or via his website.

Leo said Democrats are going to keep hammering away at Alito’s association with Concerned Alumni of Princeton and his favorable comments about Robert Bork.

Stopping the assault on Alito is important, Leo said, because it’ll set a precedent for the next judicial confirmation fight.

"We don’t want another confirmation process with lies and character assassination," Leo said.