Fireworks! Kennedy, Specter Clash Over CAP

Sen. Teddy Kennedy is desperate — so desperate that during today’s round of questioning he threatened to shut down the hearing and force the Judiciary Committee into executive session.

Kennedy expressed disappointment that Alito wouldn’t admit his affiliation with Concerned Alumni of Princeton made him a racist and sexist.

Apparently, Kennedy didn’t learn anything from his colleague Sen. Harry Reid when he tried the same tactic with the Senate this fall.

Kennedy said: “I find your explanation troubling. In fact, I do not think they add up. … I would like to issue a subpoena to get the CAP records and go into executive session to get those records … if denied, I will appeal the decision of the chair.”

Kennedy argued that the records should be released in the name of equality and discrimination.

Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter did nothing short of laugh in Kennedy’s face. He said, “You and I see each other all the time and you never mentioned this to me.”

Kennedy shot back, “I will demand votes on the committee again and again and again.”

Specter returned, “You will not demand votes of this committee again and again and again. I am chair of the committee and I will not let you have run of the committee and let you decide.”