Democrats Still Ineffective

It was fascinating to watch Dianne Feinstein.  Not for her actual questions, which were fairly pedestrian stumpers, but because the jittery Senator looked about eight cups into a ten-cup coffeemaker.  She easily eclipsed Kennedy’s interruption total, yet converted none of those redirection opportunities with a follow-up zinger (I guess it’s hard to turn pages that fast).

There hasn’t been much in the way of suspense.  Would Feingold going through Vanguard for the umpteenth time be any more interesting than Feinstein’s umpteenth excursion into Rybar?  I keep fighting sleep, and clearly need whatever Feinstein is on. 

It’s strange and almost disorienting to see how ineffective the Democrats have been through this first day of interrogation.  The Democrat interrogators have seemed equal parts overmatched and unprepared.  Schumer is just starting, but too late for the evening news.  It may be too late for all of them.