Cornyn: Dishonest Strategies Seek to Dupe Americans

Sen. John Cornyn (R.-Tex.) has an excellent op-ed in today’s Hill newspaper. Here’s an excerpt from it:

"As Americans have undoudtedly seen over the past months, and as has been highlighted this week during the hearings currently under way in the Senate, the Supreme Court nomination and confirmation process has, unfortunately, become a caricature of itself.

"And while the American people — and the individual who stands as nominee, in this case Judge Samuel Alito Jr. — certainly deserve better from this process, it appears that two dishonest strategies tend to repeat themselves, despite the fact that both have lost even a hint of credibility.

"The first strategy, of course, is to disregard a nominee’s overall record, and instead to cherry-pick selectively a number of cases — while completely ignoring numerous others — in an attempt to portray a nominee as one-sided and biased when he or she is indeed evenhanded and fair."

To read the full op-ed from Cornyn, visit The Hill.