Stephen Dujack: Not Good Enough for Dems, but Suitable for PFAW

The Democratic witness who was supposed to derail Samuel Alito’s confirmation proved to be too controversial for Democrats. But that hasn’t stopped the left-wing People For the American Way from continuing to tout his writings in its attacks on Alito’s credibility.

Stephen Dujack, who last Friday was pulled as a Democratic witness, had planned to testify this week about Alito’s association with Concerned Alumni of Princeton, a group Democrats have called sexist and racist.

But as news of Dujack’s apparance started to spread, the staff of Sen. John Cornyn (R.-Tex.) discovered an op-ed written by Dujack in 2003 that compared farm animals to Holocaust victims. Later that day, Democrats had changed their mind about Dujack.

Today, however, in an e-mail from PFAW, the liberal group cites another Dujack op-ed as evidence of Alito’s "credibility problem."

Here’s an excerpt from PFAW’s e-mail:

"In June 1984, Prospect published ‘A Lesson for Sally,’ a report of the death in a mining accident of a female coal miner who had obtained her job after a successful lawsuit contesting sex discrimination. The ‘Lesson’ ended with the chilling remark: ‘Sally Frank, take note.’ [4] Frank was a member of the class of 1980 and was well known to students and alumni for having ‘successfully sued to open the doors’ of the remaining all-male eating clubs at Princeton to women. [5]

Footnote No. 4 is attributed to "News & Comment, ‘A Lesson for Sally,’ Prospect (June 1984), at 3." And then comes footnote No. 5: "Stephen R. Dujack, "Flagging Alito’s Alliances," Newark Star-Ledger (Dec. 18, 2005).

The silliness of PFAW’s argument (the fact that Alito had nothing to do with the Prospect article) should say enough about the left’s desperate attempt to throw mud at Alito. But citing Dujack — a witness pulled by Democrats — proves they’ll stop at nothing to smear a good man.