George Allen's Bad Habit

We’ve come to this. The Washington Post has written a story about, er, spitting.

Of course, Washington Redskins’ Sean Taylor is to blame for this. Still, politics has been injected into the debate:

"Sen. Allen knows from spitting. He still likes to put a little dip of Copenhagen tobacco between his lower lip and gum. He spits the muddy results into a paper cup. ‘He uses very little of it,’ says David Snepp, Allen’s press secretary."

Now, I’m not advising Sen. Allen on his presidential run. But if I were, I would advise him to quit dipping. This may play well with the Republican base, but most Americans will find it disgusting. Not to mention the fact that it sends a bad message to young folks.

Sen. George Allen has a lot going for him. He’s the son of a great NFL coach, as well as a charismatic Republican leader. He’s a U.S. Senator – and a former Governor. In fact, he’s the "insider" favorite to win the Republican nomination.

He shouldn’t let this habit stand in his way.