FEC Flags Hillary's '06 Opponent

The Westchester County Journal News reports that former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer, who is currently the leading Republican candidate for Hillary’s Senate seat, has been notified by the Federal Election Commission that some of his campaign contributions may be illegal.  

Specifically, the FEC alleged in a letter sent to Spencer’s campaign treasurer that his initial financial report appears “to show the receipt of anonymous contributions that are prohibited by federal law, and did not provide enough information on the identities of other donors who gave more than $200.”  

As such, demanded the agency, “You must provide the missing information, or if you’re unable to do so, you must demonstrate that ‘best efforts’ have been used to obtain the information.”   

For his part, Spencer dismissed the letter as “just mundane federal paperwork,” and his campaign treasurer, who also just happens to be Spencer’s brother-in-law, said that “It was just an oversight on one or two of the names.  I already spoke with (the FEC) and I am filing an amended report.”  

While the Spencer campaign is downplaying the significance of the story, Democrats were quick to ridicule the Spencer team:  “The campaign hasn’t even begun yet and already John Spencer is in trouble,” said Blake Zeff, the state Democratic Committee spokesman.  “No disrespect intended, but I guess this is what you’d expect from the party’s backup choice to Jeanine Pirro.”


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